Forests are both a foundation for life and a place to enjoy life. It is therefore important that we preserve this treasure for future generations. Forest protection is environment protection in action, and the Progamme for Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC) is working to preserve and maintain the ecological balance of our woodlands.

Companies with PEFC certification, including ROBETA HOLZ OHG, have demonstrated their commitment to protecting the environment and their responsibility in handling wood as an indispensable natural resource as well as an industrial material. The PEFC stands for holistic sustainability, an integrative concept that combines ecological, social and economic aspects. And the PEFC guarantees oversight of the processing chain – independently monitored, completely verifiable and sustainable – all the way from our certified forests to the woodworking shops and factories to the final product on the store shelf.

Cooperation is good for forests. It is certainly a good sign that two-thirds of Germany's forests are PEFC-certified. This is also a sign of how good cooperation can achieve success. Engaged woodland owners, environmental protection groups, industry representatives, union members and active citizens are working together towards a common goal: a system of forest management that preserves this gift of nature while allowing for the careful and sensible use of forest products. And each and every one of us can help support this idea by buying products that bear the PEFC logo. With each purchase of a PEFC-certified product, we can all do our part to improve the health of our environment.

The PEFC is international. This is highlighted in the organization's English title and proven through its cross-border pursuit of a single goal, namely to improve the utilization and stewardship of forests around the world. In their substance, all national systems rest on the same foundation, the foundation formed by the resolutions of the follow-up conferences to the Rio environmental summit.

Sustainability means thinking into the future. The woodland ecosystem is a complex interactive mechanism in which any single cause will produce multiple effects. The aims pursued by the PEFC are just as diverse. The ultimate goal is to document and improve sustainable forestry through the use of standards that take account of ecological, economic and social aspects.

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